Amen Design Co. is a luxury boutique design studio based in Charleston, South Carolina, lead by principal Lauren Mendenhall. With residential and commercial projects from New York to London, our approach to creating our signature modern + soulful interiors is a balance of tried and true methods and personalization to meet the needs of each client and space. Whether a colorfully collected or neutral and serene, each project is laced with authenticity, rooted in a deep sense of place and purpose, thoughtfully using the tangible to create the intangible sense of  the Soulful Home™. 


Recent Projects

  • Orchard Creek

    Orchard Creek

  • Marsh Harbour

    Marsh Harbour

  • Palm Blvd.

    Palm Blvd.




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The Buckley Guest Room

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About Lauren

A native of Annapolis, Maryland, Lauren has always been inspired by the sea, cities, and travel. With a decade of design experience and a bachelor of arts degree from Winthrop University, her work is marked by attention to detail, a mixed aesthetic of old and new, and a passion for incorporating ethically crafted, personally meaningful pieces into spaces that resonate deeply with her clients. 

Lauren is also an abstract painter and writer. Spending time with her family and exploring new places with them is her favorite! 


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